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We are unabashed suckers for the power of story.



Hemlock Productions specializes in full service media production for commercial, broadcast and corporate clients.  Our focus is on bringing stories to the screen in the most compelling, efficient way possible.  From miles below the earth's crust to the farthest reaches of the universe, we find the emotional, human connections that bring stories to life. 

We have a combined track record of almost fifty years of experience at the highest levels of non-fiction video and film production, documentary reporting and strategic media creation.  Our client base is rooted in long-standing relationships based on trust and a mutual creative drive.  We believe what sets us apart from other media firms is the time we take to understand a client's story and craft it together.   Our expertise lies in working with each client to develop the most effective and efficient production approach for their unique project, and in then maximizing visual and emotional engagement within that framework. 


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