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When it comes to creating media, there are many ways to slay the beast, and we've got experience with pretty much all of them.  From idea sharing and conceptualization to scripting, location shooting and all the stages of post, we make sure our clients have a one-stop shop for their media needs. We understand the unique importance and pitfalls of every stage of the process thanks to years of real world experience and we can help translate this knowledge into better as well as less expensive media production. For further descriptions of each stage please see below.


Turning on a camera is only one small step in a dynamic, collaborative process that is constantly updated with new techniques and tools.


From initial concept to final product and beyond, we have the in-the-trenches experience to make sure every production is as efficiently run as possible.

Contact us for a free consultation for your next project, large or small.


You've planned every detail (or most of them), the footage is in the can, now the real dirty work begins.  Scripting and story structure, editing, audio smoothing, color correction, managing post-production workflows - we can be your creative and technical partners in making your next media project sing.

Our University District Studio has the tools and technology to help finish any production.


This ain't no chicken and egg situation.  Every effective production starts with a good script. 

Our writers have extensive experience writing pitches, treatments, and full scripts for commercial, documentary and broadcast projects as well as corporate communications. 

Ask us about how we can help turn the next ream of loose leaf into a compelling, well-organized creative road map.

Curious to see how we can help bring your story to life? Let's Talk.​


"They really spent the necessary time to listen and interpret our story rather than just taking things over with their vision. But they also educated us in terms of visuals and storytelling and what would connect with the audiences we wanted to reach. The partnership with Hemlock was extremely valuable and made for a successful production."

John Stoke - Executive Producer "Into Deepest Space: The Birth of the ALMA Observatory" for PBS, Former Director of Education and Public Outreach, National Radio Astronomy Observatory

"We've worked with Hemlock Productions for nearly six years now and the quality, service and attention to detail just keep getting better."

Mary K. Nelson, Marketing Director, Visit Rainier

"Hemlock Productions were clearly driven to create a quality product.  The process was well organized from beginning to end.  They met every deadline and created an atmosphere of competence. They encouraged creative participation by the contractor to give it that “tailor made” feel, and hired skilled talent and technical staff to accomplish the task."

Ron Hertel, Senior Program Director, WA Dept. of Education

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